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My Cat, Guy (alias Damien, according to other groomers) is not a happy cat when taken out of his castle. He is 20 pounds, strong, and very vocal. I work at an animal hospital and I have a hard time handling my own cat. Guy has been banned from many grooming shops until my husband found Cathy–she is heaven sent. She knows how to handle and talk to Guy, and what a wonderful job she does on his beautiful hair cut. He likes going to her. When his hair grows back it is so shiny and beautiful. We get many compliments. We will always bring our cats to Cathy.

-Teresa & John Ferretti

– – – – –

I have been taking my cats to Cathy for 8 years. In that time I have lived in Palatine, Barrington, Lake in the Hills, back to Palatine, and now Cary and have driven the distance from each location. I can always trust the girls to take wonderful care of Matty and Milo and treat them like they would their own pets. They do a fabulous job!!!

-Karolyn Tincher

– – – – –

I’ve tried other pet salons in the past, but Cathy is the best by far (AWESOME). Great cut!

-Earl H. and Lancelot the cat

– – – – –

You did a very nice job of getting the matts out of my cat Rocco. I was very nervous when I brought him at first, he had never been to a groomer. But when I met you and the staff, I felt better.

-Susan Badame

– – – – –

Just want to let you know we are so thankful for your services. Ariel our kitty was just given a beautiful complete haircut and looks simply cute as can be. Who would have thought of grooming cats, all my cats I have had over years never got cut–fast forward to 2011…the ladies are very talented and wonderful and they really know their job. I strongly recommend them! Thank you ladies!

-Mark M. of Arlington Heights

– – – – –

Thank you, Cathy, for grooming my white long-haired cat Captain Sonny Pearl. After 7 years of “spit grooming” himself I decided to have him professionally groomed there. He came home with a shiny coat that not only smelled fabulous, but was free from excess hair that was left at the shop rather than on my couch. He was shiny, sleek, smelled fresh, and looked thinner than ever. He shed noticeably less for an entire month. Sonny had to feel great too!

I chose Cathy because she has the only grooming salon in the Chicagoland that is owned and operated by a licensed professional. Cathy has completed the training required for the titles Certified Master Groomer and Certified Master Feline Groomer. She is the only groomer that I will trust with my cat Sonny.

-Pamela Royce and Sonny

– – – – –

Just a little follow up…You shaved my cat Sunday 2/24 and when she got there she was scared and her fur was a big mess. Now she is just beautiful! You did a terrific job! Thank you so much for all your patience in dealing with her.

-Roy and Daisy the cat

– – – – –

Thank you, Cathy, for the great haircut that you gave my cat Gracie. It looks so natural that you would think that Gracie was born a short haired cat. With all of Gracie’s long hair cut off, it helps so much with keeping my carpet and couches from having cat hair all over them. Thanks again, Cathy.


– – – – –

We just wanted to thank you again for the spectacular job you did on our cat, Lucky. In all the years we have been having her groomed,unfortunately by other groomers, this is the best job we’ve ever seen!!! We will definitely be recommending you to everyone we know that has dogs & cats. It is nice to know there are still kind, courteous,professionals out there that take the time to really satisfy their customers. We will surely be back.

Thank You Again,
The Flaims ( Terri, Ashley, Tony & Lucky)

Very simply, if you have a cat that needs grooming, this is the place!I became aware of Cathy when I heard her lecture on cat grooming at a cat show at Harper College.  I was very impressed.  I brought one of my cats to her and all went well.

Fast forward to 2016.  I am now living in Caledonia, WI when my 14-year old Birman developed severe matting.  When this occurred a few years earlier while I was living in a far south-Chicago suburb I took her to a local mother and son grooming service.  When I picked up the cat a few hours later the poor mother looked like she had aged 10 years. She recommended that if I brought the cat back I first have her sedated.  Now living way up north, I took her to a local groomer who took cats.  In less than an hour I received a call saying that the cat could not be groomed.  She had become too vicious for this groomer.

That’s when I remembered Cathy.  Despite the 116 mile round trip, something had to be done.  On the appointed day I blew my appointment time by two hours due to my stupidly entering the wrong time into my phone calendar.  Never the less, Cathy’s crew was very nice about it and accommodated me even though I would be arriving two hours past their cutoff time for cats.  Thank God because I was already in transit.

All ended well.  Cathy was done with Wiggles in two hours and four days later Wigs is acting like a completely different cat.  Running around and playing like I haven’t seen her in years.  From now on she’s going in every six months.  I can’t thank them enough.  This is the place–organized, professional and obviously very caring.

-John Rauhauser

– – – – –


  1. I first met Cathy 14 years ago, when I first brought my Bengal cat Simi to have her bathed & shed. I was and still am so impressed with her kindness and compassion for animals…she is so wonderful with them! I bring all 3 of my girl cats to see her, and they are never scared. As soon as we arrive, they totally relax when they know where they are…and are happy! They know they are going to feel and look fabulous in a short amount of time! When they get home, they strut their stuff for weeks! When my son was younger, he had a guinea pig named Shelly, and on an off chance, I brought her in to Cathy to see if she could trim her nails for me…she smiled and did it right away with such an adorable way about her…Shelly loved getting her nails trimmed! Cathy is fabulous, I would highly recommend her & her salon to everyone!

    Thank you beyond thank you Cathy for your outstanding service over the years!
    Kindess regards,
    Jill Ruffner, Simi, Boo & Nala 😉

  2. I can’t say enough good things! I inherited several pets after the death of a family member and Cathy made sure they were taken care of, groomed, even had their shots! I can not express how much I appreciate everything and how amazing of a job they did with my animals 🙂

  3. This place rocks! I have been taking my kitty here for about 2 years and I have had quality service every time. The prices are fair for all of the services they do. I highly recommend the extra fee to have your cat groomed on a Sunday when no dogs are allowed. Five out of five stars for JIMMINY!!!

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