Cat Show 2012

Cathy was recently invited by Dayle Marsh to the Lincoln State Cat Club’s show on Saturday, February 25, 2012. The show was held at Harper College in Palatine, IL. All proceeds of the show were donated to feline health and welfare organizations. In the past organizations such as: The Morris Animal Foundation, the Robert Winn Feline Foundation, the Cornell Feline Health Center, a veterinary scholarship program at the University of Illinois-Champaigne, the neuter/spay program at the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago, Aunt B’s Bed and Breakfast, the Tree House, the West Suburban Animal Shelter, Second Chance Animal Shelter, Elsa Wild Animal Appeal, and so many more were helped by this show.

This particular show focused on the Morris Animal Foundation. Cathy donated three gift baskets filled with feline supplies and gift items. Raffle tickets for the gift baskets were sold and one dollar a piece or six tickets for five dollars. She kept her audience entertained and informed by giving a grooming demonstration about keeping your feline mat free, keeping its toenails short, and its ears clean at home. Cathy is qualified to give this demonstration by having acquired her CFMG (Certified Feline Master Groomer) and her CMG (Certified Master Groomer) certifications. She has also showed and bred Devon Rex and Persian cats. She has owned and operated her grooming shop, Jimminy Clippers for thirty-one years, and specializes in cats.

Cathy also kept her audience on the edge of their seats by conducting a trivia game, in which prizes were given to the winners. Some questions asked were: “How many whiskers does a cat have?” “Which breed is known to like swimming?” “Which breeds of cats only come in one color?” and “What breed are known for white paws?” Can you guess the answers?

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