10 Ways to Keep Cats When You Have Cat Allergies

CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, discusses tips for having cats when you have a cat allergy.

By Jeanne Adlon


Q: I have just been told I am allergic to cats but I am not giving up my two adorable cats. Any suggestions to help me keep my allergy under control?

A: I do have suggestions for you because many of my clients ask me the same thing. No one wants to give up their cats and I am so glad you agree. One of my clients lets her two cats have the run of the house — except for her bedroom. She has designated it a cat-free zone which she considers it a small price to pay to keep her feline family together. Her cats have their own cozy donut beds by the radiator in another room.

My Top 10 ways to help people with cat allergies keep cats:
1. Wash your hands after petting your cat and before you touch your face or eyes.
2. Wear a filter mask when cleaning the litterbox.
3. Limit the amount of cats in your household.
4. Do not let your cats sleep with you.
5. Spay or neuter your cats. Unaltered cats produce more allergens than altered cats.
6. Limit the amount of carpeting in your house.
7. Use a vacuum with a good Hepa filter and wear a filter mask when you vacuum.
8. Buy dust-free cat litter.
9. Use allergen-proof covers on your mattress.
10. Consult an allergist for further suggestions.

Good luck. I know many people who have been diagnosed with cat allergies who successfully have cats. As always, I welcome your comments and stories.

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